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6 Core Exercises to Get and Keep Strong Abs

Let’s admit one thing – staying committed to your exercise routine isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although accomplishing your fitness goals can happen through intrinsic motivation, having your abs stronger required dedicated attention.

best exercises for strong abs

A common problem that fitness freaks complain about is despite spending hours in performing planks and squats, they end up with no positive signs. Here’s where this post is going to help all the fitness enthusiasts who aim at getting stronger abs. The secret here is you don’t get perfectly shaped belly and abs just by performing daily abs exercise. Besides your effort, you need to concentrate on the exercises that can promote muscle toning.

The process of transforming your bulged-out tummy to having six-pack abs isn’t that simple. Neither does it happen overnight. But the good news is there are some tried and tested intense workouts that can help you get and keep abs stronger. Below are the most popular exercises for abs. Incorporate these belly exercises in your daily routine, and you won’t regret it! Let’s begin narrating them!

Hardstyle Plank

Basically, the plank can help promote fitness by burning calories from the shoulder girdle to even the pelvic girdle. In fact, it also helps in reducing the fat cells from your legs. Besides strengthening your spine, the plank also works for improving trapezius as well as rhomboids & even abdominal muscles. The hardstyle plank is a rewarding belly exercise for strengthening abs.

To perform the exercise, you need to lie down on the floor. Position yourself in the forearm plank position. Ensure that the elbows stay aligned under the shoulders. Your hands must stay balled up right in the fists. Keep your forearm parallel to one another. Do not forget to hold this position for ten to fifteen seconds for every set.

If you are a fitness enthusiast, there’s no way that you don’t know what plank is. Similarly, in this exercise to reduce fat, the key is to just squeeze the body (quads, core, glutes, fists, and back) as stiff and tight as possible.

At the same time, you also need to keep taking diaphoretic breaths until you go on rest. You might have performed this exercise quite a lot of time, but then it is as difficult for you as for a beginner. So, ensure that you are on your fullest of strength before doing this exercise.

Dead bug

To perform this daily abs exercise, you do not require any additional equipment. All you need to do is lay right face up. Ensure that you do not use a bed for the purpose of performing this exercise. Simply lying on the floor would do. To begin with this workout session, gradually bring your knees over the hips directly. Ensure that it gets bent at your knees. This move will lead your calf to form a 90-degree angle with the thigh.

At the same time, lower the left arm above the head and start straightening the right leg. Make sure the move is sending the leg towards the floor. At this point in time, you need to stop. Return to your starting position only to repeat the same on the opposite side. One set comprises around 14 alternating repetitions; ensure that you complete it!

Your lower back must stay in contact with the ground. Please try to keep breathing regular. When you breathe properly, you get more energy to perform the exercise. This posture helps in burning fat from the belly area. Additionally, it also helps in training the left and right coordination between the lower and upper extremities. All in all, this abdomen exercise helps improve cognitive functions.

Side Bend with Dumbbell

Building strong abs requires your determination and effort. Besides commitment, you might as well need specific workout equipment. In this case, a single (medium-weighed) dumbbell can offer rewarding results. To start with this side fat exercise, you need to stand with the feet hip-width apart. Your right hand should hold the dumbbell. The palm must face inwards (towards torso). Don’t keep your back hunched; it should be straight.

strong core exercises at home

After doing this, activate the core and bend to one side as much as you can. Do not go beyond the waist, though. You need to hold this posture for around a second at the bottom of the motion. After one repetition, you need to return to the starting position. You can repeat this exercise for 12 to 20 times for each set.

It is a great side fat exercise that reduces fat very easily. But if you are a beginner, you should always consider the tried and tested tips that experts give. According to trainers, performing these exercises requires you being smart enough to pick the weight of the dumbbell. It must not feel impossible for you to do this. Start with lightweight dumbbells initially and focus on the tightness of your abs.

Remember that the tighter your abs, the maximum results you get. Keep your tempo constant. If not intense, your tempo should be slow and steady. Once you feel the burning sensation and start enjoying it, you will go with the flow. Otherwise, performing this abdomen exercise is not that simple.

Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball

When your prime motive is all about creating solid abs, you tend to concentrate on every exercise to reduce fat. But that’s not how you proceed. Given the significance of intense workout, there are specific kinds of exercises that help promote strong abs. You can flaunt your abs by performing the Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball exercise.

Science says that the best time for exercise is around 6 pm in the evening. When you start your workout for abs, do include this one in the session. For performing this, you should get into the cannonball-type structure on the back. You should hug your knees into the chest.

Simultaneously, you also need to extend the legs & arms outwards into somewhat like a hollow position. You can press the lower back on the ground and hold it for around five seconds. As you hold on for five seconds, you will feel the burning sensation.

Repeat this posture for around five times in one set. It is better to engage the maximum you can during this extension phase. Also, do not forget to use the cannonball for recovery. This belly exercise will help shape up your abs at an intense pace.

Back Squat with Barbell

Every exercise to reduce fat cannot trim down your belly and bring out the appearance of your abs.  With the feet shoulder-width right apart, you need to lift the barbell off the rig. Remember that it should center it across the shoulders evenly. It’s one squat version that targets the core. It does not target the legs, and you must use far less weight than that of the traditional back squat.

You need to send the glutes back such that you can lower into a single chair. Then, bend at your knees as much as possible for you. Then, you need to press through the heels to get back to the starting posture. You can repeat it 12 times for every set.

All you need to do is maintain the tension in the abs all throughout the movement.  Once you master the movement, you can include some additional weights to your barbell. Remember that you always need to improve in small increments. Only then can you stay injury-free by performing this daily abs exercise.

Bird dog

Think of this exercise as the upside-down dead bug. Always start this exercise with the tabletop position. With shoulders over the wrists & hips over knees, working out the bird dog exercise is going to be amazing to strengthen your abs muscles. You can engage the core while lifting the right arm & left leg simultaneously.

The foot must get flexed right when you kick pack. Alongside this, the palm must be towards the body. You have to pause for around a second when the arm & leg get at the same height. Upon then, you can bring the elbow and knee to touch underneath your body. Repeat this process for at least five times for every single set.

Always be careful of not hyperextending the elbows! It is integral to maintain a small bend fire up triceps. Keep your neck long. You can do so by looking down. You can use that exhale portion of every breath for creating tension.

Wrapping up

There should be a specific time of the day when you practice these exercises on a daily basis. According to experts, the best time for exercise is around 6 pm. Besides, a fitness enthusiast should always follow a set of rules to acquire and keep the abs strong. Considering the diet chart is a must which you should never forget.

Avoiding processed food is another criterion to get your abs strong faster. Now that you are familiar with the tried and tested exercises to help keep your abs strong, are you ready for it? Do share your viewpoints in the comment section.

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