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All You Need To Know About Samsung M51 Mobile Phone

Are you planning to upgrade to the latest Samsung M51? Or are you a tech lover who likes to stay up-to-date with the latest phones that hit the market?  Well, you may heave a sigh of relief! You have come to the perfect place to get an in-depth review of the latest addition to the Samsung family. Learn the first-hand account of latest features and specs and make an informed choice.

Samsung Galaxy M51 price in India

The Samsung M Series Phones

Even since the Samsung Galaxy M series has been launched in the market, the tech community has been very excited. Owing to its widescreen and exciting range of specs, it has become an immediate success as reliable mid-range phones. It must be admitted that the developers at Samsung have gone out of their way to keep the prices affordable. Thus, it gives a tough competition to the other phones in the same price segment. 

The Samsung M51 is no different in this regard. It is powered by a 7000 mAH battery and has an opening price of 25,000 rupees. Hardly any company has been able to come up with a worthy competition for the phone in the market so far.  We say so because while you may find several other phones in the 25,000 range and also a handful that offer powerful battery backup. But none have been able to combine the two elements. Also, absolutely none are able to offer the trust and reliability that comes with the name of Samsung.

Edge Of Simplicity   

Have you been noticing the Galaxy phones so far?  You may have seen that most of the phones are always a notch above the usual smartphones. Frankly, you cannot easily handle a Galaxy phone unless you are familiar with smartphones. In fact, you have to rely on tech blogs to learn the full features of a Galaxy phone.

 However, that has been completely changed by the M51 Mobile phones. The developers have again worked hard to keep the phone as simplistic as possible. In fact, with barely a few minutes of use, you will know your phone and its features inside out. Has the word “simplistic” disappointed you? Well, that’s the catch. While the phone is so simple to handle, it does not lack any features that you would expect in a Galaxy phone. Well, the message is quite clear over here. The phone has not been made for the consumption of a niche audience. Rather it is for every Indian who looks for a fine blend of features and affordability in their smartphones.

Looks And Screen Size

Looks wise the Samsung M51 looks quite akin to the other two popular Samsung phones that have been rocking the market. They are the Galaxy M31s and A 51. It seems the developers did not want to experiment much here. They have gone for the formula that has already worked in the market. The screen is a 6.7 inch FHD+ Super AMOLED Plus Infinity O display. The screen size and type are just perfect for all your binge watches without hurting your eyes. Given the jumbo screen, you can also easily go through your documents and run two apps on split screen. And you can work equally comfortably with both the apps. However, if you have small hands, it might just feel a little too large to fit in at first. 

The edges are carved like its counterparts to give it a trendy new look .While the body has been given a plastic build to keep the weight aspect under control. Still, the phone is slightly on the higher side with the weight coming to about 213 grams. This is owing to the 7000 mAH battery which definitely could not be made any lighter.

Fingerprint Sensor

Unlike the usual fingerprint sensors that you come across in the market, the latest Samsung M51 comes with a side-mounting. This may pose a bit of a problem for the lefties. However, for the majority of the users, the sensor embedded in the notch of the right-hand side of the phone works best. The sensor works superfast as any of the other preceding Galaxy phones. So, you do not have to keep waiting even for a nanosecond for your phone to unlock. 

Best Battery Mobile Phone 

As already stated above, one of the most exciting features the M51 Mobile Phone is definitely its super solid battery. The 7000mAH battery life is enough to take you through one and a half days even with heavy usage and gaming. With a moderate amount of usage, the battery can easily take you through two days without having to plug back to your charger. So you can altogether forget the hassle of carrying a heavy power bank around, unless you are going on a hiking trip. The phone is also fitted with a 25W fast charger, that takes close to 100 minutes to reach the full bar. It will not be an exaggeration perhaps to say that the Samsung M51 offers the best battery mobile phone today.


Today, no phone is considered good unless it boasts of a good camera. With the craze to document each and every moment and fill social media feeds with aesthetic posts, the camera plays an important role. So you may want to know how good the Samsung M51 camera is and can it stand up to your expectation?

64Mp Sony IMX692 lens

Overall, there are four cameras in the Samsung M51 phone. The main camera is a 64Mp Sony IMX692 lens. There is also a 12Mp ultra-max camera and 5MP cameras each to serve as a depth camera and macro lens. Given its range, the camera is impressive and does offer a dependable picture quality. The main camera does take some impressive shots irrespective of the lighting condition. However, the best pictures come in the daylight when there is ample light. The images are sharp and can be used for amateur food photography and the like.

You do need some practice to ace the camera. As sometimes the camera over-sharpens the image and leads to saturation of the colours. But that does not mean the camera misses out on the fine details. The time required to switch between cameras is also less, giving you a smoother experience. You do not have to work too hard to auto-focus on your subjects even from a varying distance.

Coming to the ultra-wide camera, the details and the colors are impressive again. The 5MP depth camera offers quite an improvement to pictures, especially the ones that are captured in the portrait mode. The macro-lens does not make much of a difference, and hopefully Samsung will improve it in the consecutive launches.

Now, for the selfie lovers out there, Samsung has not compromised with the front camera. They have equipped your M51 with a decent 32mp lens. Even in low lighting conditions, the selfies come out quite detailed and does not disappoint the users in any way.  The phone offers brilliant quality 1080 p videos and can capture the details even in the low lighting conditions. The 4K video recording is not quite what has been promised, though the overall quality is satisfactory.

Sim Card And Memory

The two slots for micro sim and SD card are combined together in a single tray, which you can easily pull out from the right side of the phone. There is no shortage of space on the phone as there is 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. You can extend this storage further with an external microSD card. So if you are someone who likes to hold on to innumerable photos or if you do not want to compromise on the number of apps, then this phone is a perfect match for you.

Water/Dust Resistance

No IP rating for water or dust has been provided for the phone. However, it is quite dependable, and you can use it even on a rainy day without the fear of damage.  

Processor Speed And Performance

The Samsung M51 comes with a 730G Snapdragon processor. So, you can easily depend on it even for heavy games such as Call of Duty and Sonic Dash. Problems of screen freeze or the like have also not been seen. So what remains to be checked is the performance of the phone after it has been thoroughly used for a year. However, given the trust in the brand, you can expect good performance throughout.

What’s Missing?

One of the features that you definitely miss on the phone is 5G, which is fast coming into the market. While the call quality is good, the speaker quality definitely needs improvements. The two app stores, web browsers and voice assistants can be quite confusing for some users who are not tech-savvy.

Samsung M51- Is It Worth It?

Well, now that you have all the details of the phone before you, it’s time for you to ponder. Whether you must buy it is totally your call as you are going to use the phone. What we suggest is that you must first access your needs and then match it with the features listed here. In this way, you can easily make the best buy!

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