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Canon vs Nikon: Which DSLR to Buy for Beginners and Why

Phew, finally ready to buy a new camera! Wait! Is it Canon vs. Nikon you are investing for? Haven’t you thought about it yet? If not, you have not been through the common dilemma that most of the buyers face. This is such a challenge that every first-time DSLR camera owners face. To get a concrete answer of this age-old battle over camera brands, read on to know further.

With little to no knowledge about camera technicalities, it can be difficult to decide for the right one. Having little idea of capturing a frame with a bit of photography may not be enough to help you decide between Canon vs. Nikon. The age-old confusion is never going to take you anywhere.  

Nikon D3500 DSLR camera for beginners

Before putting in effort and money for a particular one, try to consider both on a comparative note. This would narrow down the features of each and help you understand, which serves your requirement the best.

Our tips further would help a potential buyer take an informed decision for investing in a DSLR. If on the verge of opting for photography, the comparative note would help decide to join Canon vs. Nikon family. 

A Beginner-Friendly DSLR – Canon vs. Nikon

Though Canon vs. Nikon fail to grab a dominant position in the market as of now, they are the all-time go-to names for photographers. When other brands in the market are focusing on mirrorless ranges, these brands have come up with their best shots. 

The choice between Nikon and Canon is already complex enough when choosing from DSLR and Mirrorless range is more complicated. Trying with a compatible lens and accessories would help you when planning for years of investment. 

Apart from offering the models in a good price range, Nikon and Canon work on old models to keep customers hooked up with their trend of cameras. There is a good chance for good discounts on replacement offers with your old Nikon or Canon models.  

Canon EOS 250D is edging the competition as it is among the top-rated ones when looking for entry-level models. The cheapest of this entry-level product houses some latest features in less than 2.7 inch for its display. 

For the entry-level ones, Nikon seems to be a little quieter. But the Nikon D3500 is in the top position undoubtedly. With the best battery life, sensors, ergonomic grip, it is doing wonders. 

Why Choose Nikon Cameras?

If you have made up your mind for Nikon, let’s take you through some points supporting your decision. 

Quality Speaks Along with Lens Selection 

Both quality and lens are the foundation pillars to decide for a perfect DSLR camera. For flexibility of shoot for beginners, an 18 – 200mm ratio of wide and zoom would be suitable to understand your need for ideal capture. As photography skills advances, you can know the way of using a higher-end lens and which one would be suitable for your requirement.

Ease of Handling Camera 

For beginners, having ergonomics feels important. If you have experience with both Nikon and Canon, you must choose Nikon as it fits comfortably in your hands. It often depends on the thumb and hand size of the user.  

What Reasons Make Canon the Best Choice?

Illustrating on top two reasons to help you choose for Canon cameras when beginning with photography.

Superiority of Lens 

Canon maintains the superiority of lens for photographers of every level. If aiming for a big lens, it would surely pay off in future.  

Excellent Video 

 As Canon has been the first to introduce video options in cameras, it is sure to be a trump over Nikon. Though Nikon has caught up in the race greatly, this remains a significant difference when comparing between the two. It may also depend on your requirement of video to decide for the correct option.

How to Pick – Nikon D3500 or Canon EOS 250D?

Image Quality 

When it comes to capturing still images, there is little to almost negligible difference between these models. Both the cameras have ISO range of 100 to 25, 500 with no expansion option in Nikon and 51,200 in expandability in Canon. 

In case of capturing raw files, Nikon can offer up to 12 bit whereas Canon has up to 14-bit of files. Owing to these, Canon supports high color range and tonal contrasts than Nikon. 

Canon vs Nikon DSLR cameras comparison

The frame rate is five frames per second common for both models with similar optical viewfinder up to 95% coverage. However, for composing using Viewfinder, Nikon has 11 compared to 9 autofocus points of Canon. But Canon makes up for this with its high AF sophistication, and Nikon has 11AF issues. Here, Canon follows a system that is expandable up to 143 points that helps in professional image capturing. 

How does Focus Sensitivity work On Both?

Both models share a similar story with focus sensitivity. If composing through the viewfinder, Nikon’s AF would go down to EV- 1. It would be EV – 0.5 on Canon when switching to Live View. However, Canon’s sensitivity becomes EV – 4 when Nikon holds it at -1. 

Discussing on Build and Design of the Models 

Both models are simple to use and easy to understand the features. The layout of the top-plate works similar in both with the main dial to access different exposure modes. It comes with a good handgrip for a good hold. None of the models promises weather-resistant capacity at such a price range, but it comes with polycarbonate shells coupled with metal lens body.  

Considering the build, Nikon is lighter as it is 415g including memory card and battery. But it tends to carry a burden when it is 449g of Canon EOS 250D. The Canon model has a varied angle LCD screen unlike Nikon’s which is fixed. Moreover, the Canon model has 1.04 million more dots compared to Nikons’ 921, 000 with touch sensitivity. 

When it comes to resolution, both the model slightly varies. Nikon offers 24.2 megapixels when Canon is offering 24.1 megapixels with the same file size of 6000 X 4000 pixels. Canon has processing advantages as housed on the DIGIC 8 processor, enhancing its specification in comparison to Nikon.     

Video Quality 

Canon EOS 250D houses a powerful and latest processor that helps it to remain on top of Nikon. While Nikon is offering full HD video quality extendable 60P, Canon enables 4K to capture up to 25P including HD quality up to 60P.

To use the camera for blog or recording videos, the 4K capture facility is not that important to consider. To hone your editing skills and have great movie quality, this 4K capture feature is useful. 

External Microphone 

Canon comes with a socket system for an external microphone which is missing in Nikon. So, you need to arrange for a separate audio recording device if you choose Nikon D3500 in this case. 

Which Would Be the Best Option As A Mirrorless Camera?

Both the top models have embraced the mirrorless features enabling them to get small cameras with modern packaging. For a real-time view to shoot the best of frames, viewfinders are the best with excellent frame rates. Though, both the models are late in introducing this feature, the extensive ranges are what photographers have been waiting for. 

The APS-C along with a full-frame facility is available in both models. If you want to start with a cheap budget, and small APS-C, Nikon is the option. On this, you can try with full-frame later on. However, the Z mount is different when you compare it with Nikon’s camera. 

In the case of Canon, the APS-C is EF-M, and the full-frame extends up to RF, making it tricky to invest for the right one.  

The Final Verdict  

Both are giving neck to neck competition and so, deciding from these options can be tricky enough. The companies are excellent, and your choice would narrow down to some specific features that would be useful for you. If going only by specification, Canon is the showstopper. 

The 4K video capture, live view of the AF system, and the LVD configuration are some of the features that help to stay ahead of the race. Yet, Nikon is the perfect one for clicking pictures and making videos. If price matters the most, go for Canon even at the cost of some less functionality in comparison to Nikon. 

If you carefully follow the guidance, you can invest in the right camera, and you will never take a blurry image again. With this, you can hone your photography skills better. Get to know the photography world better and capture some amazing frames with Nikon D3500 can be your hit option to try. 

Considering both at the end of all, there is very little difference. So, with a little tight budget, a Nikon model would be your bit. If budget isn’t a problem, go happy clicking with our Canon EOS 250D that would be perfect as your first-time option.

Explore more with it and get to hone your photography skills in the best way possible. With the best of features and simple accessibility, you would enjoy clicking and recording videos in your new camera.   

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