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Mental Health Facts You Didn’t Know About

When it comes to maintaining physical health, the gymnasiums are stuffed with health-conscious studs toning their body. But in the case of mental health, India still needs awareness. If mental health facts are concerned, then as per the WHO, 7.5% of the Indians suffer from a mental disorder. It is predicted that the ratio can increase to 20% in the future. 

Understanding mental health

If statistics are interpreted, three major countries suffer the most with anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. They are India, China, and the US. In the least case, Japan is the only country with a minimum mental disorder case. Ever wondered what would have caused such figures soaring high? First you need to ask yourself- “what is mental health”?

How Is Mental Health Defined?

Individual mental health is defined as the perfect balance of emotional, psychological, and social well-being factors. It is how the thought process works, the creation of stress, how to deal with it in our daily life, etc. Some moments can be happy and some can be deadly stressful. Any imbalance caused due to any of these factors can sow the seeds of a disturbed mind.

  • A life experience one could have never thought of
  • A biological factor, or
  • Hereditary Inheritance

What Are The Characteristics Of Mental Illness?

There are certain signs or changes in the mind, body, and habits that conspicuously show one is mentally not well. It can be:

  • Eating or sleeping more than required
  • Always have low or no energy 
  • When you always want to sleep
  • When you feel like nothing matters in life
  • Continuous aches and pain
  • Use of drugs or alcohol in an abnormal way
  • The Inability to do daily work like playing with your kids, go to the grocery shop, or mood swings. 

If you possess any of these symptoms, you need to consult a counselor to resolve before it affects you. However, there are also some myths attached to it.

Analyzing Mental Health- Facts And Myths

Are you aware of the differentiation in mental health myths and facts? Where facts are real based on study and research, the myths are false statements spread all over. Here are some unique facts attached to mental health awareness. These might surprise you but they are true.

A Person Is Neither Introvert Nor Extrovert

You must have heard people judging others as an introvert or an extrovert. The introvert is the one who loves to remain in peace and solace. On the contrary, extroverts are those who are crowd-friendly. But most of us do not know that people are only ambivert. It is a balance between the two natural sides of human behavior. 

Depression Always Has High-Level Symptoms:

No! The symptoms can be mild too. A person can act like a psychotic and as normal as they act in their daily life. It is difficult to identify such symptoms on time. Even a sudden change in the behavioral aspects can also be a sign of depression. One of the prominent signs is a sudden change in the productivity level.

People With Mental Illness Cannot Be Easily Identified:

Though there are lists of activities provided by health experts to identify any mental illness; symptoms can be overlooked. This happens because they are mild and ignorable. People usually ignore them as they are busy with their schedule. Even at some point of time, everyone faces a depression in their life. No one on the earth is left untouched. 

People With Mental Illness Are Not Always Violent:

People suffering from minor or severe mental health issues are not violent. Being violent means attacking someone with no reason which is the extreme case. In such cases, they are admitted to mental asylums for long treatment. A case with minor mental issues is never violent. All they need is regular counseling and little medication.

Medicines Can Treat Mental Health Issues:

Medicines prescribed by a psychiatrist is the solution you can adopt when the case is worse. These medicines balance the hormonal changes creating negative thoughts. However, you might not always seek medical help. Counseling is always effective. Head to a psychiatrist when you feel there is a need or so. One must attend mental health awareness programs for more information.

Support A Person With Mental Illness:

You can always be better for someone who is suffering from any mental agony or trauma. Try talking to them, discuss their problems, and treat them with unconditional love. Sometimes, the solution to major issues can be a minor one. Your interaction and idea exchange can act as counseling for them. Try it and see the positive results.

Mental Health Awareness

One Can Lead A Productive Life With Mental Illness:

Most people with mental illness are leading a good life. They go to their office with 100% job satisfaction, take care of the kids, and do normal household work. Especially, when they are done with their treatment, they prove to be more productive. Mental health is of supreme importance. Any ignorance can lead to serious trouble.

Mental Illness Leads To Suicidal Tendencies:

This can only be in the case of severe depression if treated without any counseling and medication. They do not develop suicidal thoughts every time. There can be shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels but no suicidal tendencies are developed.  However, such patients should not be left alone. In such cases, relatives and family members are the immediate help.

Do Children Experience Mental Health Issues?

Unfortunately, Yes! They are clinically diagnosable. There can be many reasons for it. Social pressure is one of them. Moreover, the surprising fact is that about half of the mental disorders begin from the age of 14. Around one in five of the world’s children have a mental disorder.  

In this case, it becomes important for parents to understand mental health facts and be aware of its consequences. If your child shows a sudden change in their behavior, it is high time to counsel them and understand their behavioral patterns.

How Many Psychiatrists Are There In India?

In India, about 700 psychiatrists graduate every year. There are a total of 9000 psychiatrists in India with mental patients soaring high every year. A calculation shows that there are 0.75 psychiatrists per one lakh population. 

With the rising number of patients in India, this figure is pretty low. Even less than 5000 experts are available at a time to treat you for your mental wellbeing. The experts in this field are limited. But people still feel hesitant and do not prefer to visit them seeking professional counseling.

It is because of considering mental disorders a stigma; most of them do not get help from the counselors. One of the notions attached to counselors is that they discuss the case, ponder on some points, and charge exorbitantly. This is wrong! Any counselor or psychiatrist starts their treatment from a basic level depending on the severity of the case.

Is Mental Illness A Stigma In India?

As far as India is concerned, people consider mental disorders a stigma. But the strange fact is that most of them are even not aware that they are suffering from the same. It is important to educate people about mental health importance and how to keep a check on it. Even though it can be cured, most of them continuously suffer with silence.

They hesitate to express their issues even to their closest ones. The only solution to this issue is to educate people about mental health myths and facts. This can be done by spreading awareness through seminars, workshops, blogging, and social media. We can utilize social media as it has the power to break taboos. 

 Can Social Support Fight Mental Illness?

Social and parental support can only fight mental illness. Moreover, after a point in time, social support and acceptance become medicine for such patients. This stimulates them with the will power to ignite the spirit of self-confidence. This spirit along with counseling and medication is a catalyst for a healthy mind. 

On the contrary, it is also important for families and relatives to know about mental health awareness. The more information you gain, you can save more lives. Educate yourself and others on the symptoms and treatment. Your small step can save someone suffering silently with mental disorders.   

One should understand the mental health importance and what role it plays in an individual’s life.  Treating it with accuracy is utmost important. The sufferer might be entangled with his set of emotions which is a tough time for them. It is our prime responsibility to show love and empathy to them instead of hatred and anger. They are not indifferent.       

The need for the hour is to educate individuals on the symptoms of wellness illness and the remedy. A country like India needs extensive promotion in this subject. If you notice anyone with such symptoms that you feel are unusual, inspire them to get professional help for a happy and prosperous life.  

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