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What Makes American Express Credit Cards so Premium? 

Hardly there is any working individual who hasn’t heard of American Express. At present, it is considered one of the biggest credit card issuing and card network providers. The globally renowned company has been around for a long time. It first came to the notice of a considerable number of people and gained immense popularity when it issued traveller’s checks, the very first financial product of the company.

Advantages of Premium American Express Cards

American Express, as an issuer, offers the popular American Express Credit card and several other credit cards to consumers aside from duly maintaining the card accounts quite similar to other issuers. As a network, the main responsibility of it is to ensure complete assistance with card payment processing for merchants who deserve Amex payments. 

Who should apply for an Amex Credit Card?

To be very honest, not everyone should opt for applying for an American Express Card because it isn’t for everyone. Read on to know why everyone won’t reap benefits by applying for one such credit card

  • To begin with, not necessarily excellent, but one needs to boast good credit to drive approval for Amex cards. Especially for individuals with minimal or no credit card, American Express doesn’t offer any student or secured credit cards.
  • Only consumers who possess the capacity to pay off their entire balance each month receive travel rewards and cash back from American Express. Compared to non-reward cards, ones that come with rewards usually have higher interest rates. You should also know that the value they earn from card rewards gets lost immediately when consumers pay interest. 
  • If you are an Amex Gold Card holder, you need to pay a considerable amount of money as annual fees. Just imagine how much burdensome it would become for you if you carry month-to-month debt. 

Before making your final decision about whether or not to apply for an Amex card, taking all these things mentioned above into consideration is of the utmost importance. 

Top Ways to Earn American Express Membership Rewards

One may earn American Express Membership Rewards in three distinct ways depending on the card they own. Here are the three ways to earn rewards:

  • Miles or points in a jointly branded loyalty program
  • Cash Back
  • Travel rewards in the loyalty program of American Express

You can redeem the membership reward points in a quick time in several ways. However, these are mainly for travel. Suppose you are an Amex Platinum Card holder, you can use membership reward points for booking flights, cruises, hotels, rental cars, etc. 

The majority of membership reward cards allow holders to transfer acquired points to hotel, cruise and airline partner’s loyalty programs. When you opt for transferring reward points in the one world Alliance airline network, instead of the usual 1 cent per point, you could receive up to 2.26 cents per point easily. 

Top Reasons to Choose an Amex Platinum Card

If you have been searching for a card all these while that can complement your lifestyle in just the perfect way, you need to get your hands on the platinum card. 

  • One such card is among the variety of premium cards that American Express offers. Becoming a member of an American Express premium card will help you travel without worrying about arrangements and make lots of cherishable memories. 
  • Premium cards such as platinum credit cards and platinum reserve credit cards come with exclusive travel privileges, exceptional service and excellent rewards.
  • Aside from complementing, Amex premium cards are designed to improve the lifestyle of every member. These cards facilitate you to enjoy significant advantages across prominent lodging properties and airline partners. You can also enjoy the experience of complimentary access to top-standard airport lounges in more than 130 countries.
  • When you become a premium card member, you are entitled automatically to use Amex premium concierge service. Being a member, all you need to do is give the assigned and steadfast team a call, and they will strive to meet all your lifestyle requirements. Upon your request, the team will get a table reserved at a selected exclusive restaurant, book tickets for a movie; arrange flower delivery and many more things. 

Additional Advantages You Can Enjoy When You Own an Amex Premium Card

Being a genuine Amex premium cardholder be it a platinum credit card and platinum reserve credit card, possibilities are higher for you to reap a wide range of lucrative benefits. 

  • Welcome Bonus

Depending on your choice of Amex Credit card belonging to the premium category, the moment you start, you will receive a welcome bonus. Basically, the welcome gifts you will receive are bonus membership rewards points. You may also receive stay vouchers for premium-class resorts and hotels. However, you should know that you will receive the welcome gift only if you complete making the full payment of the annual fee and spending the necessary amount depending on the card. 

  • Airport Lounge Access

You will certainly get permission to access the Amex proprietary lounges and domestic lounges all over the country if you become a member of one of the premium credit cards from American Express. Even, every premium card member gets the opportunity to access more than 1200 exclusive airport lounges in 130 countries irrespective of the class and airline company you fly with at a nominal expense.

  • Guests-Loyalty Program Membership

Renowned hotel brands that include Marriott Bonvoy, Taj, Hilton-Honors, Shangri-La, etc. conduct guests-loyalty programs. You can enjoy complimentary memberships to such programs when you own an Amex Gold Card aside from the platinum card. 

  • Exclusive Health Advantages

You will receive a range of worthwhile offers and discounts for your overall health, soul and mind if you are an Amex premium card or charge card member. On visiting Artemis or Medanta the Medicity, you will obtain special discounts. If you consider undergoing spa at top locations such as Marriott Hotels, Taj hotels, Oberoi hotels & resorts, etc., you will receive lucrative discounts and offers successfully. 

  • Global Assist

When you travel over 100 miles from your abode, it is American Express Global Assist that connects you to different requisite services including travel, financial, medical and legal. You won’t have to worry about necessary travel arrangements and can enjoy a stress-free trip experience successfully with Amex Global Assist.

Top Services American Express Credit Card Offers

American Express is well-known for its top-standard customer service. Among leading credit card issuers, J.D. Power in 2020 ranked American Express the best/No.1. You can meet your queries by dialling the 24X7 customer service phone number of Amex. Also, you can opt for sending your message and communicating with a customer care executive via your online account through a secured chat. 

American Express Credit Card Services

You can experience world-class service no matter what Amex Credit card you hold. Read on to know what services you can expect from American Express being a holder of one of its credit cards.

  • 24/7 Personalized Service

American Express strives to offer every credit card member a 24/7 personalized service irrespective of their queries. All you need to do is get in touch with Amex to receive help and do more without any worry. 

  • Virtual Services

No matter where you are, viewing and managing your credit card account online is easier than ever. You can avail services virtually from any part of the world. All you need to do is create and use your online card account or use the Amex official mobile app. 

  • Contactless Payments

With your American Express Credit card, you obtain the extra benefit of carrying out contactless payments. Undeniably, it is the smartest and most secure way of making payment for all your purchases. You won’t even have to take the hassle of entering the PIN for your purchases if you use an Amex card. A merchant only needs to tap the credit card on the contactless device at the point of sale for obtaining the purchased amount. 

  • Replaces Credit Card in Emergency 

American Express plays an instrumental role in replacing credit cards within 48 hours when one loses his or her card or when someone steals the card. You just need to inform the customer care team to resolve your issue. You could experience one such incident anywhere in the world, and without delaying any second, you should contact the dedicated team. 

  • Prevents Fraudulent Activity

American Express boasts top-standard detection systems that monitor all fraudulent activities taking place online. As per the Fraud Protection Guarantee of Amex, you won’t be held responsible for any fraud charges if you become a victim of a card fraud despite taking reasonable care. 

Wrapping Up

You will certainly reap a whole lot of advantages mentioned above if you become an Amex Credit card holder. All you need to make sure is that you have the capacity to maintain a good credit to drive approval for American Express cards that offer cash back, membership rewards points and a lot of privileges. 

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