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10 Myths About Health Supplements

Keeping one’s health ‘fit and fine’ has become a focus now. Given that the recent health crisis has impacted drastically on both world economy & lifestyle, people are focusing on fitness & health. This is where the significance of consuming organic health supplements comes into the forefront. If you are looking for health supplements recently, you have come to the right place.

Given below are the ten misconceptions you need to erase from your mind regarding dietary health supplements. Let us elucidate these ten myths alongside their facts.

Myth 1: Everyone Can Consume Supplements

Fact 1: It is better to have a conversation with your medical professional before consuming supplements. Given that these supplements will act differently in different individuals, a doctor’s word is a must to take into consideration. You shouldn’t buy supplements before consulting your doctor.

Myth 2: All Health Supplement Brands Manufacture Products under FDA Approval

Fact 2: In general, supplements are never FDA-approved. They are not medicines, after all. Plus, firms which manufacture dietary supplements do not require the approval from FDA before marketing their product. It’s entirely the responsibility and loyalty of the company to ensure the safety of consuming their products. You might see a supplement in the store. Do you think it’s absolutely safe to consume?

Truth be told, if and when safety issues get subjected, the FDA comes into the forefront for investigations. If they find the product to be unsafe, they take drastic steps to remove it from the market. This is how the supplement industry runs in the late 21st century.

But no matter how seamless it becomes for companies to come up with the product, FDA does it all. FDA, despite the long-term process, manages to bring the truth related to the supplement company under the limelight (if and when needed). FDA has already worked with the industry to recall the products having potentially dangerous ingredients.

Myth 3: Protein Supplements Only Help Bodybuilders

Fact 3: There’s a reason why the protein-based dietary health supplements have become so popular among fitness enthusiasts today. If you think that protein powder or protein bars will only benefit people who want to gain muscles, you aren’t clear about the facts. Factually speaking, protein powder absolutely benefits bodybuilders. However, these supplements also help in weight management too.

Consuming these supplements would help you feel fuller for a longer span of time. Surveys suggest that supplementing with whey protein helps reduce body weight. Besides muscle growth, it’s a brilliant way to repair your damaged tissues and muscles after an intense workout session.

It’s true that bodybuilders would definitely get the benefits of consuming the protein supplements. But this does not mean that other people would not get the rewards. Generally, people who perform exercises on a regular basis should ensure that they’re giving themselves the fuel to improve and repair the muscles. This is where consuming protein bars and powder comes into the frame.

Myth 4: No Need of Vitamin C Supplements as Citrus Fruits Are in Plenty

Fact 4: The essential vitamin that your body cannot produce on its own is Vitamin C. But the truth is that the vitamin has impressive health benefits as it plays integral roles in improving health. Citrus fruits are considered as the only best source of vitamin C in today’s world. But have you ever wondered why only citrus fruits and why not the vegetables and other supplements?

If the facts and facets of vitamin C supplements get considered here, there are plenty of benefits. The dietary supplements that contain vitamin C act as a catalyst to manage high BP level. As per surveys, it might also help in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Besides lowering the rate of heart diseases, it reduces uric acid levels & prevents gout attacks too.

In addition to preventing iron deficiency, organic health supplements containing vitamin C boosts immunity. Last but not the least; it protects one’s memory and thinking power with ageing. 

Myth 5: There’s Nothing Called ‘Ayurvedic Health Supplements

Fact 5: Ever since time immemorial, Ayurvedic medications have helped patients really well. And when it comes to the recent world, Ayurveda has a significant amount of popularity among people who want to reduce their body weight. The roots of Ayurveda trace back to some hundred decades ago. But then, it has impressive health benefits for people who wish to cut down their calories.

Best Ayurvedic Supplements

The fact that the Ayurvedic or organic health supplements help achieve a perfect body shape is enough for women to buy these supplements. In fact, men who want to build body mass can also get hold of these supplements under medical prescriptions. 

Myth 6: Fat Burners and Supplements are a Complete Waste of Money

Fact 6: If you consider fat burners as the only way to reduce weight, then you probably need to rethink. However, in this particular context, there happen to be two classes of people. The first group comprises the ones who dream of flaunting the perfect curves by depending on the pills and capsules while avoiding both exercises as well as diet.

On the contrary, the second group of people consistently claims that fat burners are bug scams. You ask why, and they end up answering that these are scams because these are supplements. For them, dietary supplements are never good for health. Now, let’s come to the truth. The truth is that almost all the fat burners contain some substances. These substances can stimulate your metabolism and increase the amount of fat release.

Of course, no health supplement brands can offer you a miracle product that can help you achieve long-lasting results without depending on diet or exercises. However, it can help you reduce your calorie. You shouldn’t forget that every product requires finding support in the healthy diet as well as physical activity.

Myth 7: Health Supplements Are Way Too Expensive

Fact 7: You will always get what you pay for. Similarly, when you pay for a good supplement, the end result that you achieve is also praiseworthy. But when you invest in cheap supplements, the results are also neither long-lasting nor health-beneficial.

If the price tag is slightly higher, it means you are investing in good quality. But you should understand that almost all the dietary health supplements like amino acids and protein are often an alternative to real food. So, you must never avoid including protein-rich food in your diet.

Of course, these supplements can be brilliant as a recovery drink or even snacks in the respective form. The truth is that these supplements are clearly the most affordable alternatives to real foods. And it’s also a great investment too.

Myth 8: Supplements including Caffeine Has Side Effects

Fact 8: As per assumptions, caffeine or caffeine-related supplements can have side effects only when over-consumed. Nonetheless, when you use it in a normal dose, caffeine can have positive effects to improve physical performance. In fact, it also improves your anaerobic activities like sprint and jumps.

Coffee or caffeine supplements also increase overall physical abilities. You can get Ayurvedic health supplements in the market that include caffeine and other ingredients. By consuming these health products, you will feel the difference in around a week or two.

Myth 9: Supplements Can Cure

Fact 9: Before diving into the details of whether dietary supplements can cure or not, let’s make some things very clear. Supplements are the cheaper alternatives to the foods that are high in vitamin, minerals, protein, and amino acids.

There are different forms of supplements you can find in the market. They get manufactured in different types – tablets, powder, bars, syrup, and more. Calling supplements a great alternative to these foods is nowhere an overstatement. Now, let’s talk about whether they can cure or not. Take an example first. Suppose you are following a protein-based diet every day. Will that cure anything?

The answer is a big NO. Similarly, dietary supplements are alternatives to these foods. This is the reason they should get consumed every single day at a definite span of time. But this is nothing related to curing any disease. You can have a word with your medical professional before consuming the supplements on a regular basis.

Myth 10: A Well-Balanced Diet Chart Does Not Need Supplements

Fact 10: Whether it’s losing weight or gaining calories, dietitians always recommend supplements in the diet chart. It helps in staying fit all day long, after all. In fact, adding organic health supplements in the diet schedule will only make things better for you in the long run.

Supplements play the role of the ‘extra’ in reducing or gaining body mass. This is the reason why nutritionists always advise consuming supplements every day in a limited amount.

An Endnote

Thus, you have learned the facts and facets concerning the dietary supplements. Now, if you want to buy supplements, you can refer to the top-notch health supplement brands for the purpose. But just be sure that the supplements you choose are available from a renowned brand. So, here’s to wishing you stay healthy and wealthy by consuming these health products!

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