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10 Roof Top Garden Tips to Follow in Lockdown

Amidst the age of ‘new normal’, going to the office and hanging out at a cafeteria seems quite nostalgic. Even if you think that your work-from-home routine has made you less productive, you cannot do anything about it.

You cannot differentiate between weekdays and weekends. You cannot meet your friends or colleagues. And lastly, you cannot think of stepping outside your home without wearing a mask. COVID-19 has changed the daily lifestyle of individuals. And all you can do about it is to stay safe within the boundaries of your house.

rooftop gardening tips

When doctors and COVID-19 patients are struggling every day, don’t you feel lucky to be someone who can stop the community spread? No, you don’t. You feel frustrated and depressed to be inside the four walls of your house. Surveys have suggested that individuals will experience depression and stress in this phase.

So, it’s better to keep yourself busy with innovative DIY ideas. Perhaps, this is the best time to renovate your home interior, is it not? Want some lockdown gardening tips? Let’s see how you can get productive with it!

Gardening: A Therapy to Stay away from Negative Vibrations

It’s mesmerizing to listen to the silence of growing things. A perfect example lies in the garden area. You can connect to the life that grows inside the soil very easily. They respond to your words without even saying anything. Science says that it’s a wonderful type of therapy that helps you stay away from negative thoughts.

Indeed, having your first refreshing cup of morning tea at your garden is quite peaceful to start the day on a good note. Especially during the weekdays when you have a workload, you need at least half an hour for yourself. Spending that particular span of ‘me’ time in your favourite rooftop garden during the lockdown period sounds satisfying and refreshing.

After all, it boosts you up for a busy day ahead. Whether it’s the onerous errands or intimidating work-from-home tasks, creating your DIY gardening setup with love, care, and warmth is indeed an interesting & cheerful experience. But before you start nurturing your garden, here’s how your garden can start nurturing you. Let’s begin the narration.

10 Lockdown Gardening Tips to Enhance Your DIY Creativity

If your love for gardening is nothing new, now is the safest time to execute the plan accordingly. The best place to show up your creativity, you can use your rooftop. Building a soothing garden area will not just help you stay productive. It will also help you get a beautiful glimpse of your city from your rooftop. Perhaps, you can also enjoy a rooftop dining here (?)! But for this reason, you need to follow these ten lockdown gardening tips. Let’s elucidate the ten pointers, one by one.

  1. Establishing an Open Setting with Flowery Plants on Railing

If your rooftop is small, keeping it big is possible. And the only way to do so is to keep the area open. Even if you think some areas must have a closing, use transparent glass instead of parapet walls. You can also use a hedge to create a border. You can opt for opaque railing in case you want privacy and avoid seeing neighbours peeping inside.

An open rooftop setting offers a spacious look. During the lockdown, the minimum that you can do is work on the railings. Include colours and make it more vibrant. You can work on the aesthetics of the pots. Colourful decorations will make their appeal more interesting.

  1. Can You Plant Seeds of Tall Trees?

If a particular view from your rooftop is ruining the quality time, you can erase it off from there. No, you cannot cut off the view. But definitely, you can add innovation to it by growing tall plants or trees. If your rooftop area is spacious, you can plant seeds of tall plants in all the corners.

This way, the rooftop garden gets an evergreen look. You can transform that area into your own corner and stay confined from the rest of the world there. One of the most sought-after rooftop garden tips is to grow grasses and bamboos in this area. This combination will give a captivating appeal to the overall garden area.

  1. Understanding the Importance of Zoning Your Garden by Diving

Have you ever wondered that the concept of ‘divide and rule’ would affect the overall set up of your garden area? Zoning the outdoor area in regard to the functions can make your daily lifestyle better. Especially when you cannot go outside of your house to spend a relaxing time at a park or café, your garden area can bring forth the same experience. 

If you divide the rooftop garden into different zones (much like your home décor), it turns out to be excellent. For instance, the quiet zone in the rooftop comprising a hammock strung can offer tranquillity. It can act as the daily dose of relief after your long work-from-home hours.

  1. Going Productive with Your Gardening Skills

Ever since lockdown got imposed, people have been trying to cope up with the situation in the best way possible. Getting indulged in DIY activities has become necessary and interesting. Since you are thinking of planting seeds and growing trees and plants on your rooftop, why not become a bit more productive with it?

Besides flowers, you can also think of planting essential fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Given the importance of Vitamin C to fight against the virus, you can grow citrus fruits and vegetables in your garden area. Also, consider planting seeds of essential fruits & veggies. This is how you turn your passion for DIY gardening more dynamic.

  1. Selecting a Variety of Plants

You can create an outstanding rooftop garden by including a range of plants that only blend in with your roof’s ambience. However, you should also concentrate on a range of other plants that create a perfect set up.

Besides including plants with flowers, you can create a green garden with the ones having no flowers. They can complement the focal point of your garden.

  1. Building Raised Beds

If your roof can handle these beds, don’t you think building raised beds would add glory to your garden? It can turn out to be extremely amazing for specious roof decks.

Besides building these beds around the roof’s walls, you can do one more thing. Add these beds around the garden to bring forth a personal touch. During the lockdown, you can use concrete to build these beds. You can do it yourself but keep professional advice in mind. Alternatively, you can also use materials like plastic, wood, or metal.

  1. Deciding on the Focal Point of Your Garden

Be it interior or exterior, home decoration comprises a focal point – and so do your garden area. If you consider decorating your garden with creative elements, deciding on the point of attraction of your garden becomes challenging. There are so many areas that can become the point of focus in the garden setup.

You can check the area that features a beautiful setup. Just remember to avoid including pieces of stuff that make the garden more cluttered. If you consider some sought-after balcony garden tips, then you can work with either of these:

  • A bench
  • A birdhouse
  • A fountain; or
  • A statue
  1. Buy Gardening Decors Online

Yes, the situations have now made people get caught between two stools. They cannot decide whether to buy online or go to the store. The safe way to create a perfect garden area is by incorporating the beautiful gardening décors.

No, don’t get worried because you can buy them online. If you consider rooftop garden tips, just remember to sanitize them with a disinfectant. Add artificial flowers and leaves to bring out a personal touch. You can also include your favourite furniture that you think is of no use in your home’s interior.

  1. Lights & Sound

Imagine it’s your anniversary, and you want to take your wife to a romantic candlelight dinner! But due to this lockdown, thinking of visiting restaurants can be intimidating. Hence, decorating your rooftop like a rooftop bar or restaurant combined with good music can be super-exciting.

Put some lighting to those beautiful flowery branches and check how those colourful buds look during the night time.  You can cook some nice food and take it to the rooftop. And see how your partner smiles at this wonderful surprise!

  1. Concentrating on Flooring

One of the balcony garden tips is to concentrate on flooring as this is also an integral factor. Your garden area gets a beautiful touch when you implement an eye-soothing flooring design.

  1. Utilizing Vertical Spaces

When you have a shortage of space, utilizing the vertical space of the rooftop can make it look spacious. You can include those railing planters or the climbers here.

Hope, these rooftop garden tips would help you design your garden with elegance. Now that you have ten points to keep in mind, what’s stopping you here?

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