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10 Things to Do before You Go for Vacation

Getting unplugged from the humdrum of the bustling city life is enthralling. After all, travelling opens doors of opportunity with the soundlessness of nature that can solace your soul. It gives you your happy highs, indeed. And an avid wanderer understands the meaning of ‘journeys’.

They say travelling is mostly in how you enjoy your journey rather than having a glimpse of the captivating destinations. For a homeowner, the mere thought of your home security can tremendously affect the overall journey. You deserve to enjoy your journey to your dream destination without worrying about your house security. After all, you have invested your time, money, and emotions in making that dream a reality.

Home security systems

Contrarily, it would also be utterly depressing to return home only to find it burglarized. Thus, to ensure your house is safe and secure, you must follow a thumbs’ rule guide before leaving your house. But before delving into the security tips, here’s presenting why house safety is crucial when you’re away from your house.

Significance of Home Safety While Being Away from Your House

They say home is where your heart is. No matter which place of the world you visit, there’s always a soul’s connection you share with your house. The place where you dwell must be prim and proper. Plus, you would not want your house to witness any theft or crime. This is the reason why people install home security devices like locks, cameras, and use home automation systems.

10 Things to Do Before You Step out of Your for a Vacation

When you plan a trip somewhere, you need to keep your house safe. Besides back-packing the essentials, you also need to consider keeping the house secure. Given below are the things you need to do to keep your house safe before stepping out for an engrossing journey.

  1. Get Smart with Your Door Locks

People who own a bigger house need to become smart when it comes to using locks and keys. Of course, any traveller would lock his/her windows and doors properly. Definitely, it reduces the chance of robbery. But wouldn’t you consider locking the other points of entry in your house?

If the travel plan is longer, please do consider locking the area of your basement, window well, and even the garage. Besides keeping the entrance secure, consider installing a wooden dowel in the track of a sliding door (if any). This is how you become smart with your locked house safety system.

  1. Switch on the Alarm System or Security Cameras

With the advent of smart security devices, homeowners get a chance to stay worriless even while making a world tour plan. Security cameras are smart devices that capture the image of the people coming near the device. So, in that way, when robbers or criminals try stepping inside the house (knowing that it’s empty), you’d get a warning bell.

Wireless security camera

You need someone honest near the locality to keep track of it. Alternatively, you can always notify the home alarm company of the travel plans beforehand. Turning on your security camera and switching on the alarm system are smart decisions. It is true that the house security system would help you stay worriless, even if the travel plan is for a month or so.

  1. How about Installing Smart Locks?

It is understandable that no one would invest in the pricey smart locks just before they are travelling somewhere. But surely, when you plan your travel, it makes sense to incidentally consider installing home security devices like smart locks.

It offers an extra level of house security before you leave your dwelling place. Installing these devices will allow you to monitor every activity at that entry point via a mobile application. With these locks, you can temporarily access at set times for the pet sitters or cleaning services while being away.

  1. Opting for Additional Security Devices

Amidst technological revolutions in the current world, you get a wide range of security devices. If you think your house requires extra security, how about installing additional security devices?

The modern world’s home security systems comprise built-in doorbell cameras and smart locks for your garage. You can keep these entry points safe by installing them.

  1. Taking Safe Care of Your Valuable

No matter how opaque your windows are, there’s always one point from where your house essentials get displayed from an outside view. You need to take care of such a mess. Never allow outsiders to have a sneak-peek inside your empty house only to find valuable items.

You must keep your house documents, expensive jeweler, and other small & important items in a safe area. Your drawing-room is not where you keep these things. Choose a private place where these valuable items would be left secured and safe (away from anyone’s notice).

  1. Hiring Professional Help

There are security service providers who can take care of your house’s entry points when you are away. You can get professional assistance from that company if you think you need to have additional security for your locked house safety.

But you need to ensure that you do not give away a duplicate key to them. Hire a professional only to have a look at the entry points. This will help you get a better understanding of what’s happening around.

  1. Enlisting a Neighbor

Don’t you have a neighbor who is trustworthy to let you know what’s happening around? You can always contact that person to get a note of what’s happening around your house. Always ask them about the security service provider (refer to point six here).

If your love for gardening is feeling guilty of travelling, you can always contact the neighbor. You can ask him or her to water your dear plants and collect the mails (if any). Only if you have a strong relationship with your neighborhood, enlisting a neighbor makes sense. Otherwise, you need to think of something else.

  1. Turning on the Exterior Lighting of Your House

It will be safer if you install floodlights around the house’s exterior. As a matter of fact, this will turn out to be a great home safety measure. If you own a garage, then you can install exterior lighting. Near the side and back entrances, the exterior lightings would extremely be safe.

You need to think of points of entrances where fencing and bushes provide covers for burglars attempting at breaking in. If you have exterior lighting, you can probably add motion detectors and timers to help in deterring burglars. This way, you do not even have to keep the lights on round the clock.

  1. Keep Your House Clean & Tidy

Giving the impression that the house is empty is only going to increase the risk factors. As you are going to be away from your house for a couple of days, keeping it clean makes sense. If your garden area is quite expansive, you need to work on the trees and overgrown shrubs. Else, it might become a dwelling place for thieves to hide.

You shouldn’t forget ensuring that the lawn gets mowed on a regular basis. You need a reliable professional for the purpose. You should also put your daily newspaper delivery service on hold. As you aren’t going to stay at your house to read it, it’s meaningless to pile up your mailbox.

  1. Call the Local Police before Stepping out of Your House

In all true blue ways, calling the men in blue can increase the level of security. When you call the cops, you are just increasing your house safety. In that way, when you are away from the house, the cops can actually protect your house from theft.

A range of municipalities provides courtesy check-ups on the building or property on request. And when the cops give rounds in your locality in your absence, it only deters robbers. They can quickly respond when and if they witness any suspicious activities. If the house is empty and it gets reported with suspicious activities, they take proper actions.

Here’re A Few Tips to Ensure Peace of Mind

As a traveler, you would rather love thinking of capturing the beautiful and panoramic beauty of the destination. Therefore, you can follow these tips before flying off to somewhere away from your house:

  • Ensure that the pump in your basement is working
  • Unplug your electronic devices before unplugging yourself (it helps in minimizing the risks of electrical fire)
  • Clear gutters and storm drains
  • Most importantly, check the batteries of the house security devices
  • Step out of your house absolutely worriless

Here’s to Wishing You a Safe and Secured Journey

Besides your home safety, you also require ensuring that your journey is safe and secure. For this reason, you can opt for a smart luggage security system. Always carry peppermint sprays with you while travelling solo.

An enthusiastic traveler gets transformed from inside out. He has stories to share, not stuff to showcase. And if you want to be such a traveler, ensure enjoying the adventure of travelling. Switch off your ‘worrying mode’ by installing the advanced house safety devices. Only then can you discover the deeper meaning of visiting some other land, some other sea.

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