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10 Types of Home Security System Available in India

Imagine a situation- you are sound asleep, suddenly you hear a footstep, and then two, and then some more. After quickly putting on shoes, you peek outside the bedroom door to see some unknown people in your house. Suffice to say; this is a nightmare scenario for many. But, it is also a lived reality for others. It doesn’t matter where you live in India; the threat of burglary or forced intrusion is always hovering. So, a security system is the need of the hour. 

CTV and other security systems geared towards home use are growing rapidly. These systems work round-the-clock to ensure that you get secure surveillance. Home security machines come loaded with lots of features that act as a deterrent to potential intruders. These products ensure that your family can sleep without worry at night. 

home security cameras

Such systems help prevent and reduce crime risks. But, that’s not all. Your home will remain safe and secure, even if you aren’t there. What’s more, is that you will be able to keep watch on your premises remotely as well. With the help of security systems, you will be able to get the safety as well as peace you desire without any work compromises. 

There are multiple kinds of security systems available. So how will you choose the one that’s just perfect for your home and also within your budget? We are here to help you make that choice. So, below listed are the best ten kinds of home security systems found in India:

Godrej High Definition 720P Full CCTV Camera KIT

Are you looking for a CCTV camera that will make your life more secure? Then start with this device. With the help of this Godrej camera kit, you will be able to keep an eye on your office and home easily. A great advantage of this product is remote access. With this, there won’t be any need for your physical presence to set or change the settings.

It has a recording resolution of 720p and audio support for both IP and analogue cameras. So you will be able to hear and see everything with great clarity. The product comes with 1TB worth of storage that ensures long hours of uninterrupted recording. With real-time recording, you can rest assured that nothing will miss this CTV‘s eye. 

CP Plus Set of 4 Bullet CCTV Camera with 4 Ch DVR & Accessories.

CP Plus is a highly regarded brand in the world of CCTVs. If you are looking for a security system within a budget, then this should be in your consideration. The camera has an image sensor with a specification of 1/3″ CMOS. Along with this, the CCTV camera comes with a 2+2 Dome set as well as the coaxial wire. A camera’s worth is in its video quality; this one certainly proves its worth with 1280(H) X 720(V) pixels. The fact that it provides great video quality even with its night vision technology cements its place as a reliable security system. 

Know that this DVR will let you run both HD, analogue, along with IP CCTV as well. Apart from CP PLUS, there are only a few brands that enable their DVRs to have multiple such features. You won’t have to face any issues while installation since it comes with proper mounting equipment. 

VelVeeta Anti Theft Burglar Pad Lock Alarm Security Siren

Velveeta’s anti-theft alarm system triggers the alarm if the lock gets hit or shaken by something. Once that happens, the alarm will blare out a shrill, loud 110db sound that will wake anyone up. VelVeeta’s anti-theft system is made of high-tech circuitry and a digital-sensor chip that makes it so effective. Along with the internal composition, external corrosion-resistant paint ensures longevity. It is also waterproof that ensures usability in all kinds of weather conditions. 

motion sensor alarm

The device comes with two kinds of settings. One comes with an alarm and one without. You already know what’s going to happen in the first option. In the second option, the device will produce a vibration or a shake shock upon contact. 

Smiledrive Motion Detection Activated Alarm for Office Security

Motion detection is one of the most advanced technologies for home security available in the market. The devices equipped with it can successfully sense people using infrared technology the moment they walk into range. Smiledrive’s motion-activated alarm system is equipped with this as well. It has an advanced detection range. Note that on a horizontal angle, you will be able to get 110 degrees whereas, on a vertical angle, 70 degrees is the limit. If the device detects any motion, then it will trigger the alarm for 30secs.

You will be able to activate or deactivate this alarm by pressing your customized security code. The device doesn’t allow you to repeat numbers for additional security. It’s very easy to install since the mounting bracket is already included. If you are strictly looking for home, office, shop, or small space use, then this motion detection device will certainly work. 

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera

Looking for a security camera that is loaded with a lot of features? Then this is the right option. Equipped with mobile as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, this camera can be viewed from any remote location. That’s not all; this indoor camera comes equipped with inbuilt Amazon Alexa. So you will be able to command it to play music, videos, get weather updates, and a whole lot more. It’s certainly an all-in-one machine.

Think that’s all? We aren’t done yet. The camera comes with face recognition technology that will enable you to get individual alerts for family members. So you won’t have to worry about someone causing unintended troubles. The device comes with a bonus feature as well. It doubles as a baby monitor. So you will be able to use it if you have a little child in need of one. 

Mengshen Wireless Magnetic Sensor Burglar Alarm System with Remote Control

Mengshen’s burglar alarm sensor machine is certainly a step above the rest here. You will be able to control it using a remote control. The control will let you shut the sensor or even trigger it. Activate the alarm if you find someone attempting to damage it.  

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How does the alarm work? The device will ring continuously for 30secs if it recognizes movement at the door. If the door remains open, then it will ring for 15 more seconds again. All in all, a pretty neat device if you reside in an unsafe area.

ProElite WL01 Wi-Fi Enabled Clock with Hidden Camera & SD Card Slot

A hidden camera will be able to expose anyone who tries to enter your house. This hidden eye is a proven anti-theft device. It will catch anyone who isn’t supposed to be there. It’s advised that you exercise caution while using this. Make sure that you install this to catch burglars and not for unethical and illegal purposes. This device comes with the stunning video quality. You will be able to see everything in 1280x720p HD.  

The camera is equipped with night vision for 8m as well. It will ensure that your home remains protected day and night. The camera supports two way audio for ease of use. It has a rechargeable battery that can charge while recording. As for storage, the product can support 64gb so it will be able to record without any issues.

ProElite F12 Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless Wi-Fi HD IP CCTV Security Camera

This camera comes with fish-view recording technology. As such, it is a neat little camera that you will be able to mount in a high up place. ProElite’s hidden security camera records everything in HD so that you can get a clear view of who is present in the room. Know that this camera offers a 360° view so that no corner of the room is left as a blind spot. It also comes equipped with 16 feet of night vision technology. With the help of this, your home will remain safe at all times of the day. 

Apart from this, the device also comes with motion detection technology. You will know about every movement through push notification no matter where you are. The camera will store the pictures in its 64gb microSD card for future use as well. Note that it supports only Wi-Fi connectivity, but that’s easy to set up using your Android or iOS smartphone. 

D-Link DCH-S150/IN Wi-Fi Motion Sensor

Many know of D-Link mainly as a company which produces routers. But it also produces high-quality motion sensors. D-Link motion sensors will notify you of any movement in the premises irrespective of your location. You will get all the notifications on your D-Link myHome mobile app. The device is compact so that it won’t occupy much space. 

You will be able to connect other devices with this security system.  If the device notices movement, then it will send you a notification. So you will be aware of what device connected to D-Link’s motion sensor has been turned off or on. It is also Wi-Fi compatible, so connectivity becomes easier. You also don’t have to worry about installation. It’s really easy to set it up fully.  

Yale Fingerprint Digital Door lock YDME-90

This digital door lock will give you the home security you want. It comes with an access lock that allows four kinds of access so that you don’t accidentally lock yourself out. You will be able to open the door using an RF card, PIN, Biometric, as well as a mechanical key. For fingerprints, it takes up to 37!

The device comes loaded with display name, user ID, date, and more. It even shows if there’s a low battery and you need to charge it. There is an anti-panic mechanical key that you will be able to use to override the internal forced-lock. With this, there’s no need to worry even if you lock yourself out accidentally.  

Home security systems will keep you and your family safe and secure. These systems employ a variety of methods and means to ensure that you get the best video footage, motion detection, Biometric access, or magnetic door lock to prevent intruders from coming into your home. With these devices, you will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

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