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10 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance Before You Turn 30

The 21st century has brought about a lot of changes in how people work and live. It is currently being characterized as a time where young people work long hours and lead a strenuous life. Moreover, regular people engage in unhealthy habits and have to face pollution every day. As a result, there’s physical and mental stress that keeps on piling up. 

Everyone feels invincible when they are young. But one day, there may come a time when all the stress, unhealthy habits, and the effects of pollution will lead to serious health problems. In such cases having Health Insurance will save your life. 

Health Insurance Savings for Young Adults

Is It That Important To Get Health Insurance? 

Many aren’t convinced that they need health insurance. One of the frequent questions is- won’t you have to lose huge chunks out of your monthly income to pay for it? 

Know that there’s no need to get health insurance if you have tonnes of money saved in case of an emergency. But are you comfortable losing it all in one go over one little health issue?. Or would you pay it slowly in little chunks so that when disaster strikes, no matter what it is, you are covered?. I think we all know the answer to this. But if you are still not convinced, then here are ten solid reasons for you to get life insurance before you turn 30: 

Ten Reasons To Get Life Insurance Before You Turn 30

  • Pay Less When Young 

Know that if you get Health Insurance before you are 30, it will cost you less than if you buy it at 45. For example, if you get a 5 lakh plan at 25, you will have to pay just ₹5000. But if you get the same plan at 45, then get ready to pay ₹8000. We all know that paying ₹8000 at 45 will hit a lot harder on your paycheck than paying ₹5000 at 25. 

  • Secure Your Family

Thinking about what will happen to your family if something happens to your spouse?. After all, it’s quite possible that both of you need to earn to enjoy a financially stable life. If that’s the case, then there’s no need to worry at all. Know that you will be able to get joint life insurance. 

So both you and your spouse will be financially covered. If something happens to your partner, then she or he will be secured and vice versa as well. Also, note that having life insurance will give you a monthly income to help you in your old age. Yes, you will get that money even if your spouse passes away. With this, you and your partner will be financially secure in your old age. 

  • Covers More Than Your Hospitalization

Your health coverage will give you way more than paying your hospital bills. Know that you will get covered for day-care things, OPD, and vector-borne stuff as well. Due to this, you will be covered in multiple different directions. Also, don’t forget that, with the help of these health plans, you will get preventative care as well. Overall, it just means that once you get a health plan, you can rest easy. 

  • Employee Coverage Won’t Be Enough

Many think that their employer coverage will be enough and that paying more health premiums will be a waste of money. If you think like this, then it’s advised that you check what one week of hospital stay will cost for a simple illness. The price will shock you completely and encourage you to apply for health insurance. 

Imagine how much of your funds will be drained if you suffer from something serious? or what if you need frequent care as you grow older?. Prepare for such possibilities so that you can make your family lead a stress-free life. Get mediclaim when you are younger and enjoy your life with ease. 

  • Be Covered When Traveling

It’s quite possible that you have to go on business trips frequently. But, health issues can strike anytime, especially if you are in your mid-life. So it’s better to be prepared with life insurance. If you get a robust health plan when you are young, then with such a policy, you will be able to avail multiple kinds of medical evacuation facilities.

During emergencies, you will also get the best healthcare services for critical diseases that seem common. The best part is that even if you suffer from minor financial hiccups, you will still be able to enjoy health coverage. Just keep on paying your premiums, and it will be fine. As such, the sooner you will get health insurance, the better secured you will be. 

  • Enjoy Better Financial Planning

If you opt for early life insurance, then know that it will save you in the long run. Even if you suffer from a sudden accident, you will be secured and wouldn’t have to dip into your hard-earned money. Instead, you will able to invest that into other plans and investments. As a result, you will be medically secured as well as financially. Maybe with the money saved you will be able to buy that one thing you always wanted to get. 

Here’s a little extra information that will make you happy- know that you will enjoy rebates on health insurance. You will get to save tax, too, if you pay the premium. Note that you will be able to save Rs.15,000 annually under section 80D. 

  • Lifestyle Illness Will Cost You

If you think that you will only need health insurance when you are above 60 for some old-age disease, then you are wrong. After all, as people work more hours and take on more stress, they are more prone to leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It is this lifestyle that leads to an increased chance of cancer, heart, and lung conditions. If unchecked, it can claim your life as well. 

But, all of it can be prevented with just one smart financial planning that involves opting for insurance. The best part of enjoying a mediclaim is that you will get to carry out yearly health check-ups. Along with that, you will enjoy preventive services as well. Now, this means that you will be able to avail vaccines, screenings, and counseling services to take care of yourself. It’s a whole all-in-one deal for your whole life. 

  • Get A Better Deal

Are you planning on getting health insurance when young? Then know that you will get a comprehensive deal on this. After all, when you buy insurance young, the chances of suffering from pre-existing conditions will be less. As a result, if you get diagnosed with diseases, you will automatically get covered later on. 

With this, you will be able to live your life freely, without worrying about saving for health conditions later on. As such, if you are planning on saving up for that vacation you wanted to take, then now you will be able to without any worries. 

  • Cover All Waiting Periods

A huge benefit of buying young is that you will get it all when the time comes. Know that you will have to fulfill several kinds of waiting times when you opt for health insurance. These will be for special treatments, surgeries, and such. But, if you buy it while you are young, you won’t immediately need it. 

When the time comes, the waiting period will be served, and you will get all the benefits. Know that if you need emergency medical attention for surgery, this will hasten the process and help you get the coverage you need. 

  • Get Maternity Benefits

If you plan on having a family, then having a healthcare plan will make the entire process easier and less stressful. Know that multiple kinds of health plans come with maternity benefits as well. So you can focus on yourself and the well-being of your child. With this, you don’t have to concern yourself with how you will get the money for the procedure and aftercare. 

Think that’s it? Not even close. Note that your newborn child will even get coverage from her or his birth automatically without extra premiums. As such, the benefits of one life insurance are far-reaching. In fact, it goes to the next generation as well. 

Financial Planning with Early Health Insurance

So, opting for Health Insurance early on in life will secure your whole life. After all, in such uncertain times, employee coverage often isn’t enough. As such, with one plan in place, you won’t have to worry about anything more ever. Just pay the little monthly premiums and enjoy full coverage. You can even add in your spouse so that both of you can get covered. Due to this, your family will remain secure no matter the circumstances. 

That’s not all; you will even get to enjoy maternity benefits that will cover your prenatal care as well as your child after birth. As one can see, the benefits are truly endless. The motto of health insurance is- pay a little now to get a lot of benefits later on.

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