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10 Witty Places to Hide Your Valuables At Home

Are you secretly trying to find the best secret hiding Home Storage places at home? Aren’t you quite sure about sharing such thoughts with your near ones? No matter what kinds of thoughts are running through your mind right now, know that such feelings aren’t quite wrong.

Smart Home Safekeeping

That is because, since the advent of humankind, people have this strong urge to hide their valuables from others. Right from cave dwellers to you, every individual likes to find a secret spot for storing their valuable possessions. And it isn’t quite difficult to find the appropriate places to hide your valuables on your property only.

And there is no harm in worrying about the safety of your belongings or getting paranoid at all. Given the current situation, people are always looking for the best places to hide money and other precious belongings. Therefore, here is a list of the top ten places to hide your belongings right in your home without any troubles:

  • Get A Secret Drawer In Your Window Sill

The first place on this list for your reference lies on your window sill. It is easy to conceal, and people won’t even notice a drawer at that position. Get around three inches of space right below the window sill and get your carpenter to prepare a secret drawer below it.

Make sure to put a proper locking system on this drawer. Get ready to store your valuables like cash and jewellery without anyone potentially noticing it. Also, do get the same colour to the drawer and keep it as simple as not attracting any attention.

  • Under-The-Bed Storage Area: Best Places To Hide Valuables 

Although this might sound quite obvious for many, this can be a profitable option to hide your valuables. Why? Since this one is an evident option, not everyone will look for the valuables here. And hence, you would be successful in keeping your valuables safe from any thefts.

Another thing to consider here is that making sure to give the entire storage area under the bed a junk look can distract people’s attention. Or lock the drawers and the storage area properly if you aspire to store your possessions here for prolonged periods.

  • Go Behind Murphy Door

Another place to consider for your valuables would be the famous Murphy door, a disguised bookshelf. It is mainly built to hide a secret area or room where you can store your valuable pieces of stuff without any troubles. Hence, this one is one of the best places to hide money. 

  • Get A Birdhouse

Birdhouses come with proper hidden boxes. Get the ones that can withstand appropriate weather conditions. It would help if you used the birdhouse properly in an outdoor setup to avoid any attention towards it. But instead, make sure to store your keys and money in those secret drawers and get access to them whenever necessary.

  • Get Jars Full of Grains

Those jars that you have discarded recently are one of the best places to hide valuables. Get a little creative with them and put a toilet paper roll inside and fill it up with grains or peanuts. You can also fill it with rice or any other substance as per your choices. Within the toilet paper roll, you can keep your valuables for emergency purposes.

  • Get A Proper Doorstop Stash: Best Places To Hide Money

If you are looking for easy and secured places to hide your money and keys, nothing can work out more than the doorstop. Attach a little bottle with the stop and pin it down the hole within the doors where people will never notice them. Also, you can lock it properly to provide the ultimate protection to your valuables.

  • A Compartment Within Your Chair

Do you want to find the best secret hiding places at home without any difficulty? Then get your favourite chair right now. Get the seat off and ask your carpenter to construct a small chamber below the seating area. 

Make sure to cover it properly with the cushion seat and lock it right away to avoid visibility. Also, make sure to get a proper professional to get a concealed look without any hassles.

  • Functional Tile

Another one on this list that is easy to make in your home setup would be the functional tile. While going through the construction work, you need to ask the contractor or the labourers to create a dummy of the original tile in specific areas. These dummy tiles can be made into drawers to keep your valuables without any hassles securely.

  • Get Creative With Your Family Photo Frame

You have many photo frames decorating the walls and the shelves in your house. You can also utilise these as they are one of the best places to hide gold and other valuables without any hassles. Get slightly creative with the frames and hide money or cards within the interior portion of the frame. If you have those thick wooden frames, you can store valuable documents in the larger frames.

  • Basement Steps For Storage

Lastly, this one is also quite common and well known to many people. But these storage spaces under the basement steps are only popular for storing your cushions and blankets. What if you could place a secret hidden area within these to store your valuable papers, money, and other possessions along with such storage items?

Hidden Safe for Valuables

Apart from these ideas, you can also get creative with the potted plants in your house. Those planters can be quite a great option to hide your valuables without any troubles secretly.

Final Words

These are some of the places to hide valuables right in your home. However, no matter where you choose to hide these things, make sure to get creative, and conceal them properly. They should look pretty normal, like any household, and thereby distract onlookers’ attention to other objects.

Which one of these do you think is safe to store gold and jewellery? Which one of these storage areas do you use to store your valuables? If you have more points to add to this list, please feel free to comment below. 

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