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8 Effective Exercises to Lose Your Face Fat

There is a large number of people who feel alarmed when they observe that they have face fat. Many give the reason that they worry more about face fat is because one can dress well to hide body fat. However, the same does not go when it comes to face. One cannot hide their face fat with dress material. Makeup is a magical thing (Face Exercises), but how far can you go?

tips for reduce face fat

You might invest hours in your gym to get rid of body fat but what about face fat? When the selfie you took shows your double chin, it seems all that hard workout went to waste. Studies state that the area of your body in which excess fat gets accumulated depends on two factors – The genetics and your body type.

However, if your will is strong what can you not get? That said, some helpful face exercises can get you sculpted cheekbones. Given below are 8 effective exercises that can be of good use if you are trying to lose face fat.

1. Fish face – A Fun Face Exercise

If you enjoy taking selfies, then you would like this exercise too. Moreover, consider yourself already mastered in performing fish face. This amazing exercise stretches and tones the muscles of your cheeks. It is fun to do and is helpful to make face slim.

Way to perform: First, you need to suck your lips and cheeks inwards. Try posing like a fish. Second, you have to stay still in this very position for some time. While you are trying to hold on in this pose, try smiling. If you repeat this exercise several times a day, there are high chances you will achieve results faster.

It is easier to make sure you are doing it right by observing the pose you are making.

You can stand in front of a mirror while doing this face workout. Or you can use a selfie stick and your smartphone just like you do for taking your regular selfies.

2. Simha Mudra – Pose Like a Lion

Simha Mudra is a great posing exercise that is considered an excellent face yoga. This exercise is also known as Lion Pose. It tones and stimulates all muscles of the face.

Way to perform: Kneel on the ground comfortably. Then, put your palms on the thighs. Right after that try sticking your tongue out and stretch it down with force. Lastly, try extending it as much as possible for you. While you perform this pose, you have to exhale and then roar just as a lion.

You can get your friends to do it with you and make it in a fun game. Kids love doing fun activities like this. You can do lion pose with kids to make it more entertaining to do.

3. Jivha Bandha – Lock Tongue Pose

This facial exercise is excellent for chiselling your face. It shapes your jawline and makes your face slim and healthy.

Way to perform: Sit down on the ground comfortably. After that, touch the upper wall inside your mouth with your tongue. Try placing your tongue there. Keep forcing your tongue on the wall of your mouth until you feel your neck stretching. You can repeat this tongue locking exercise 4 to 5 times to get good results.

This exercise might take more efforts in the beginning. But it gets easier with time as you get used to it.

4. Jalandhara Bandha – Chin Lock

This locking exercise is known to shape the face of the performer. This pose tones down the muscles of jawline and makes your face look slimmer.

Way to perform: You have to sit down in the position of a lotus. Once you acquire this position, try breathing deeply. For making the pose, you need to put your hands on your knees.

Then, lift your shoulders and try bending forward. Place your chin firmly on your chest in the middle of the collar bones. Hold on your breathing for as much time as you can. When you cannot hold anymore, let go and relax. You can repeat this exercise a few times every day.

This exercise is good for your stamina too and helps the blood flow better in your upper body.

5. Jaw release – Imitate to Eat

This simple facial exercise is a great way to get a perfect jawline. It makes your cheekbones look attractive and reduces double chin. Many consider it one of the best chubby cheeks exercises.

Way to perform: Sit in a comfortable position and try moving your jaws. Act as if you are eating while keeping your mouth close. While doing this, breathe through your nose. Relax after some time and repeat for a few times.

You can make this exercise into a fun activity by including your friends and family members. It might get boring after some time for them and they would refuse your offer to follow along. But they will most probably find it interesting for the first few times and do it with you.

6. Mouthwash Technique – Make Face Slim

This exercise is performed for toning cheeks. If you are trying to lose your double chin, this technique is very helpful.

Way to perform: Fill air in your mouth. Then, try transferring the air inside your mouth from one side of the other. Pretend like you are cleaning your mouth with a mouthwash. Keep doing this for some time. Lastly, let go and repeat.

For the first time, you can try doing it with real mouthwash rather than air. While doing so observe the flow of mouthwash in your mouth. Then, try to imitate just that but with air.

7. Eye focus – Face Relaxation

This exercise is known to make eyebrows smooth. It helps release tension and relax your face muscles.

Way to perform: Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Try opening your eyes as wide as you can without extreme force. Ensure that your eyebrows are relaxed and there are no wrinkles around them. Hold on like this and focus your sight at a fixed point in some distance. Relax after a while and focus again for a few times.

You can use any scenery or painting hung on the wall to focus your sight on it. It is better to increase the distance between you and the focus point with time.

8. Neck Roll – Excellent Face Yoga

Doing this exercise is a simple and awesome way to get rid of your double chin. It is one of the best face exercises for toning down your jawline and chin. It is also positively effective on your neck muscles.

Way to perform: Begin by sitting down on the ground comfortably. Make your head face forward. Try bending your head to one side. Keep it coordinated with your chin and try turning your head by going in a circular motion. Make sure your spine is straight and your shoulders are not tensed when you perform this. Repeat this in clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction.

This face yoga is very effective if you do it regularly. You can set daily reminders on your phone to do it initially. After some time, your body clock will itself remind you of it. That happens if you perform it at the same time every day.

Simple Tips to Lose Your Face Fat

Not only our workout routine but several daily activities affect our face. Various bad habits are a source for accumulation of excess fat on the body as well as the face. If only we avoid these habits, we can get a toned face that adds to good appearance. Here are some tips to make changes in your daily routine to get better results from face exercises:

Facial muscle strengthening routines

  • Drink Water

Sufficient water intake shows positive results for your overall health and your face. If you are trying to get rid of face fat, drinking more water can make the process faster for you. Studies show that your body metabolism depends on your water intake too. Dieticians say that drinking water before meals can help break down calories from your food intake.

  • Cut Down Alcohol

As much as water can help, alcohol can make it worse. Alcohol consumption is a great agent of fat accumulation on face and bloating. Alcohol has a large number of calories but way less amount of nutrients. Therefore, drinking alcohol regularly can be a great risk if you are trying to lose weight. It is better to keep your drinking habit in check if you wish the above-mentioned face exercises to work for you.

  • Sleep Schedule

Studies show sleep schedule affects our body as well as mind. Workout trainers suggest keeping your sleep in check for better health. Only when you are well rested can you perform exercises and body poses well. But that is not all. Some popular body experimentation projects conclude that sleep deprivation can increase fat accumulation. That goes for your body and your face. So, do not give up on sleep if you desire a slimmer face.

If you were looking for ways to slim down your face, now you know. The face exercises listed above are some of the simple but best workout techniques to get started with. It is better to apply the given tips to make the fat loss process faster. Lastly, a balanced diet would help you tie everything together and show quick results.

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