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Top 10 Smart Devices for Home 

Doing all the daily chores as well as duties traditionally is quite common. However, over time things have changed drastically. These days, people have less time making it hard for them to perform the chores the same way. This is where smart devices come into the light. Yes, it is true.

smart devices

Just imagine how it feels if you could connect all the devices to the internet. Not just the laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can connect lights, hot water heater, doorbells, speakers, cameras, appliances, etc. Above this what if all these could communicate, send information as well as take the commands? It is the Internet of Things that is a major component and makes your home a smart home. 

Smart Home

A smart home refers to a home that allows you to manage daily tasks efficiently as well as conveniently. It leverages the technology for an easy setup as well as lets you control the smart devices via voice or touch command. Along with providing convenience via voice command or phone app, the devices possess the power of changing the lifestyle.

Top 10 Smart Home Devices  

Home automation means mechanising the ability to control different devices around the home with a simple tap on an app or voice command. By investing in smart home products, you can begin on the smart home journey and provide a comfortable and convenient life to yourself and your family. Here is a list of the top 10 smart devices that you buy for your home 

  • Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants refer to the cloud computers that give useful answers to questions you ask about anything. However, virtual assistants are smarter now because of the upgrade of technology. Apart from providing answers to the question, they can do more tasks such as book movie tickets, switching on/off the smart home products, adding something to the to-do list, etc. 

You can consider investing in Amazon Echo Dot. It is a voice-controlled smart speaker along with Alexa that acts as a virtual assistant. The best thing about this is that it is compact as well as occupies very little space. You can connect it with the Wi-Fi and ask for news, music, information as well as control Alexa smart devices. With the help of Alexa, you can control the music system, light, and much more. 

  • Smart CCTV Camera

To ensure the safety of kids, elderly people, or other family members at home, it is crucial to have a reliable security system. For this, you can invest in a smart CCTV camera like Motorola FOCUS 85-B. It is a home monitoring camera that comes with motion-triggered recording, tilt, and zoom options. Using the free Hubble app, you can view the live recording on the computer, tablet, and even your smartphone. The amazing thing about this provides image snapshots, room temperature notifications, and free manual video recording. 

  • Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning is a chore that many people don’t like. However, to keep the house clean as well as healthy, you need to do it. With the help of a smart vacuum cleaner, you can do the daily chore of cleaning easily. ECOVACS vacuum cleaner is one of the best smart home devices. It has two cleaning modes i.e., standard suction and Max Mode.

The first one picks up dirt and pet hairs and later one has double suction that cleans the stubborn dirt. It has anti-drop sensors, soft cushion bumpers, and anti-collision that helps it avoid obstacles as well as protect the furniture. Using Google Home or Alexa, you can control it, send commands like directions and cleaning mode, or schedule a clean. 

  • Smart Light Bulbs

The concept of smart light is something like that, you can change the colour of the light just with the help of your smartphone. You can control the light with voice commands through the smartphone app. There are numerous choices like Philips Hues, Syska Smart LED Bulb, Wipro smart LED bulb, MI LED colour bulb, etc. You can opt for a Philips hue that is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Home kit.

All you need to do is sync the Philips Hue lights with music and movies via iOS or Android devices. Syska Smart LED bulb is also an excellent choice. You can control the light remotely even being out of the home. You can buy the smart light by wattage at an affordable price

  • Smart Plugs

Another smart home product that you must have is the Wi-Fi enabled smart plugs. A smart plug can take your wired house to the next level. You can plug it into the outlets and run the home appliances via Alexa or another intelligent home device. This can turn the dump device into a smarter one such as a table lamp, coffee maker, room fan, etc.

Along with adding convenience, you can improve energy usage also. Mini smart plug from Syska makes a good choice. With Syska smart home app, you can control the connected devices that are using Syska smart plug. 

  • Smart Doorbell

The smart doorbells are helpful as well as easy to set up. These doorbells protect the house from intruders as well as theft. You can consider installing a smart home security audio bell by Arlo to secure your house. This bell gives a call on the tablet or phone when rang, and the best thing is that you can talk with the visitor via its audio. Some of the key features of this doorbell include weather-resistant, talk remotely, wire-free, call notification on the phone, etc. 

  • Smart Switches

Another useful smart product for your home is the smart switches. The smart switch works like an everyday light switch and provides new ways to control home lighting as well as switch-wired devices. You can install the Goldmedal i-Touch switch at your home and control the devices connected to it through the specific mobile app. 

You can operate the switch manually using the light touch or by remote control. The backlit LED panel makes it appealing as well as helps you operate in the dark. The best thing about this switch is that you can fit it into the existing wiring without making any new holes. 

  • Smart Air Purifier

Pollution can affect the quality of life badly. You might not be able to see the pollutants or natural gases present in the air. Pollutants mess up the air and then increase carbon dioxide’s level that is quite dangerous for humans. This is where smart air purifiers come to the rescue as they help to keep the space from harmful particles. It is an amazing smart home device for individuals with breathing issues.

You can consider buying Wi-Fi enabled Dyson Air Purifier that removes allergens as well as pollutants. Along with Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter, this air purifier has a 360-degree Glass HEPA filter. It is Google as well as Amazon Alexa compatible. This air purifier has both app and remote control. The best thing is that the purifier is certified Asthma as well as Allergy friendly. 

  • Smart Streaming Devices

Streaming devices are the ones that can transform ordinary television into smart TV. Using smart streaming devices, you can stream videos, movies, etc. on the television. For using these devices all you need is an HDMI port on the television. You can purchase the Amazon Fire Stick along with the Alexa voice remote. 

This firestick has nearly a thousand movies as well as series from Disney + Hotstar, Zee5, Discovery Plus, Netflix, Sony LIV, Prime Video, and many other apps. Moreover, the remote has the Alexa Voice features with volume and power buttons. All you need to do is instruct Alexa when you wish to listen to a song, or watch your favourite movie or series.

  • Multipurpose Sensor

Ensuring the safety of the home is crucial. With smart home security products, you can secure your belongings. Multipurpose Sensor by Samsung is a multipurpose sensor that can detect temperature, orientation, and angle, vibration as well as when things close or open. In case you wish to monitor your home’s secure areas, these sensors are amazing. 

This can notify you instantly in case a window, drawer, door, or cabinet opens unexpectedly. You can also set a sensor for sending you reminders in case you forgot to lock a drawer or door. In case you wish to secure a specific area of your house; however, do not wish to install the camera, multipurpose sensors come in handy. 

Smart Home Devices for Modern Living

Along with these, there is one more device that you must consider i.e., key tracker. Many people have the habit of losing keys, wallet, etc. In case you also lose your items frequently purchasing Panasonic Seekit is a great idea. With this smart key tracker, you can keep track of the valuables like keys, luggage, laptop, etc. This device features Wi-Fi Secure mode, last seen location, SOS alert, Bi-directional tracking, and many more. All these devices are easy to use as well as reliable. You can invest in these and have a convenient life.

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