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Keeping A Tidy Wardrobe During Winters 

Every winter season has its challenges as well as joys. It might be hard to maintain the core body temperature when it is cold. However, the cold temperature could be good for skin health as well as alleviate allergies. This is the time when you can enjoy healthy fruits as well as tasty fruits and veggies like apples, guava, grapes, carrots, etc. Apart from this, snuggling under a favourite blanket while watching TV, reading books, or listening to music is a wonderful feeling. 

Winter Wardrobe Organization Tips

However, when it comes to clothing and apparel, few people do not like winter. The reason behind this is the winter uniform that includes sweaters, puffer jackets, caps, scarves, and many more. It seems annoying to bundle so many things when you go out and take that off when you reach your destination. And, the most annoying thing is trying not to get stuck in loads of scarves, collection mismatched gloves, chunky sweaters, etc. 

Tips to Store Winter Apparel and Accessories

Keeping your closet space tidy as well as neat is a daily as well as an ongoing process. However, it takes only a few days for the winter wardrobe to go dysfunctional from functional. Be it due to lack of time, you are feeling lazy or too tired to put things properly. In case you lack a storage plan for winter clothes/ apparel, it could lead to messy drawers, misplaced items. Taking some time to store the winter clothes as well as accessories in a proper manner can extend their lifespan. 

Storing the winter apparel and accessories might seem a daunting task. However, with little planning and effort, you can conserve space and keep your closet organised. Here are few storage tips that you can follow to keep as well as maintain a clutter-free closet

  • Empty Your Wardrobe 

In order to organise the closet properly, the first thing that you need to do is to empty the wardrobe. Take everything out of the closet and keep them on the bed or floor. This would help you see all the clothes. Doing so would you get the items hidden at the back that you might be searching for a long time. In case you have a big closet, try managing the things in sections. 

  • Get Sorted

Once you have all your clothes in front of your eyes, it is time to sort them. You need to divide those clothes into two sections i.e., clothes you would be keeping and clothes you would be ditching. Curating a winter wardrobe would help you know the things you have for the season that are worth wearing.

Sort through the wardrobe and separate the things that do not fit and things that are damaged as well as beyond repair. Discard the things that are clearly worn and donate the ones that are still in fair condition. 

  • Launder Everything

Cleaning every cloth is crucial, even if they seem fresh and clean. Ensure you clean each cloth before you wear or store it. Dirty clothes could weaken as dirt in the set could attract moths. It might also create an odour, which can be hard to remove. Once you washed the clothes, do not forget to use deodorizers.

  • Prioritise Storage Needs

Prioritising the storage needs means using the closet space to store the things as per your current needs. In case you are lucky enough to have a big walk-in closet or a dressing room, you would have the storage space you require. Otherwise, you would need to be a bit selective about the stored seasonal items. The bulky winter clothes require huge space. Therefore, it is advised to designate another space as a spare closet or basement for storing out-of-season clothing.  

  • Use Closet Organiser

Minimising closet clutter is a never-ending process. However, a closet organiser can help in this. The closet organiser system helps to maximise the storage space of a closet. By incorporating features like drawers, shelves as well as other ingenious design elements, you can achieve the optimum level of functionality in your closet. 

Rather than opting for a closet organiser system that fits all closets, you can opt for a custom closet design. In case your budget allows, a custom closet would be a great choice. That would help you get numerous customisation choices that would be worth the additional expense. 

  • Add Hanging Rods

Along with adding drawers to the closet, you can maximise the closet storage space with smartly positioned hanging rods. With additional hanging rods and wardrobe hangers, you can most of the hanging space. It would become easier to keep hung clothes colour-coordinated or group like clothing items together. You can add lower hanging rods or the ones that are attached to the sidewall of the closet in the perpendicular configuration.

Additional hanging closet space could come in pull-out pant rack form. The best thing is that you can roll up the carves on the hangers in case they are thick, else tying them on the hanger is also a good idea. Hanging scarves would help you keep them wrinkle-free, easy to see as well as access. 

  • Add Closet Shelves

In case the closet space can house additional shelves, having few additional closet shelves is an amazing idea. Open shelving is great for jeans as well as sweaters. You can fold and store the jean on shelving as it would save hanging as well as drawer space for other items.  Moreover, keeping sweaters on shelves would prevent them from getting stretched. Shelf dividers also make a good choice for an organised wardrobe.

Winter Wardrobe Storage Hacks

To keep the loose items organised, you can use the stylish baskets. Commonly, the upper area in the closet is underutilized. For storing the items that are used on special occasions, you can add an extra shelf in that area. Along with this, ensure you keep a small step-stool in your room. This would help you reach the newly added high shelf effortlessly and stay safe. Even this minor addition would provide access to each aspect of organised wardrobe

  • Use Closet Floor Space

Closets tend to acquire huge floor space. With shoe storage space you can make great use of the closet floor space. In case you have a wall-mounted closet system that provides open floor space, consider adding a single-tier shoe rack. 

  • Add Closet Drawers

Adding drawers to the closet is a wonderful idea. Incorporating drawers in a custom cabinetry closet would help you keep the apparel in one key area. This would help to get rid of the dresser and free up space in the bedroom. With the right type of space-saving design like drawers with dividers, you can keep smaller items such as stockings, scarves, socks, and underwear well-organised. Along with this, folding the jeans, t-shirts, socks, and other clothing vertically would maximise storage space.  

  • Accessorise the Closet

In case you use your closet the same old way, you need to learn the way to transform your closet. Along with the closet storage tips, ensure you accessorise your close to making most of them. Adding a few helpful closet accessories would help you have an organised wardrobe and streamline your daily dressing routine. 

Apart from adding drawers, shoe racks, and few extra hanging roads, there are several other closet accessories. The list of such accessories includes belt hooks, laundry hampers, decorative hooks, retractable valet rods, tie hooks, and sliding belt racks. 

  • Use Better Lighting

Having a tidy closet is good, however, in case it does not have good lighting, it would not be functional. Deeper closets as well as closets having small doorways tend to have less light from main bedroom lights. In order to find the right thing without creating a mess, ensure you illuminate the complete space.

In case your closet is equipped with overhead lighting or energy-efficient LED, you would be able to see everything easily. If any area of the closet is lit dimly, you can opt for hardwired or battery-operated LED task lighting. 

  • Add Labels

Due to the lack of closet space, many people use storage bins to store less used items. In case you have a few storage bins in your room in which you kept make-up items, oils and accessories, it is advised to label them. Doing so would prevent you from checking each box for finding an item you require. You would be able to get the thing right on time.

  • Avoid Burdening Closet Doors

Utilising the closet door’s back might seem a great idea for extra storage, however, it comes with numerous drawbacks. This could make the closet door heavier as well as cumbersome to open. Along with these, ensure you do not install several hooks to increase storage space. 

Apart from these, investing in a hanging canvas bag is also a good idea for a small shoe collection. In case you do not have much closet floor space, you can opt for a door shoe rack. For storing special shoes, you can consider using canvas storage boxes. The boxes are sturdy and you can push them under the bed. Moreover, installing hooks on the blank wall on the side of the closet keeps hats, purses, or other accessories visible and handy. 

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