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Why Amazon Prime is the Program I have Subscribed To?

Given the current pandemic situation, it is pretty impossible to get appropriate entertainment outside. But the entire digital market has shown outstanding progress with time. Different platforms are coming up with varied shows and entertainment packages to cater to the viewers’ requirements. Among the rest, one of the chief ones that are trending in the market is Amazon Prime.

advantages of Amazon Prime subscription

The membership is affordable and offers you a plethora of services. Right from shipping charges to unlimited video streaming facilities, you can get it all. And not to forget the extra and amazing benefits you receive with Amazon Music due to such subscriptions. 

It has to be unique as not a single other digital platform provides you with such varied benefits at such a low market rate. Therefore, let’s take a close look at the benefits offered by Prime subscription to its loyal customers for reference:

  • Shipping Charges

One of the reasons people are interested in taking the yearly subscription to Amazon Prime is shipping benefits. Generally, the products listed on the company’s website do not offer you free shipping benefits. Or, at least, for most brands, you need to place a minimum order to get free shipping to your doorstep.

In case you are a paid Prime member, you do not have to worry about such charges. Why? That is because the brand has exclusive delivery benefits for its esteemed members. Some of the products are eligible for free one-day delivery to eligible addresses. At the same time, the other products are also available for free two-day delivery to selective addresses. 

But it doesn’t end here. If you choose the no-rush shipping facilities, you also get some cashback offers and other discounts. However, to get such benefits, make sure to check out the tab “about the no-rush shipping program.” 

You can also get free scheduled as well as same-day delivery facilities with your prime subscription. And the best thing about this subscription is that you no longer have to worry about minimum order cart order values. So, no doubt, you get unlimited access to millions of products on this platform with such an Amazon Prime subscription.

  • Video Streaming Facilities

Digital content happens to be one of the determining factors that tend to attract the audience towards this platform. Why? That is because Prime has come up with different content genres to satisfy the needs of the viewers. And all you get to watch these for an unlimited period with the prime subscriptions. Hence, this is one of the biggest advantages of this package that you get to enjoy throughout the year.

Another reason this subscription is grabbing all the attention is that you get to enjoy the video streaming facilities for multiple windows. Many users can access this platform in simpler terms without having to spend an additional subscription price. If you manage to compare Prime Video benefits with the leading ones available in the market, you would be surprised by the rewards.

That is because the major entertainment platforms charge heft fees every month to allow the users to share screens for more than one user. And not only that, you get a special entry to watch Prime-exclusive high-quality content as well with the subscription.

  • Unlimited Storage Prime Benefits

Apart from video streaming facilities, you get other amazing benefits too. For example, you get Prime access to unlimited storage space with such a subscription.

advantages of Amazon Prime subscription

Yes. You heard it right. Many users overlook this facility, but Prime Photos lets the users save and access them with the unlimited photo storage facility. Also, you get to use these with the pre-installed Amazon devices to enjoy viewing your videos and pictures almost anytime, anywhere. However, it is advisable to check the application’s policy regarding space usage for more than a few users.

  • Deals, Deals, and More Deals for the Prime Members

So, every user knows how to impact Prime Day Deals. These are the metaphorical cherries on the top of benefits offered by the Prime platform to its users. The most impactful and essential being that these Deals and the early access to these days are celebrated across the global platform.

To start with, the Prime members get exclusive entry to these Deals Days 30 minutes prior to the launch time and date. These typically last for a few hours to a day or so. But being an exclusive member offers you additional time and early access, which offers you a huge advantage.

As these are available just for a few hours, you get to browse the best deals among the rest way before every other non-Prime user. And so, you end up accumulating the best and amazing offers available on such Deal Days, which is a huge bonus.

Again, this benefit doesn’t seem to end here. Amazon Prime seems to be always looking out for their customers. And so, when you sign up for no-rush deliveries during these Deal periods, you get fantastic benefits. Just like the unlimited free-shipping delivery bonuses, you get these rewards automatically added to your account for every qualifying order.

Along with these, in many cases, you can use the coupons and retrieve the gift cards at restaurants and shops. In case you get some redeem points, use them wisely to get your favourite products at minimal cost on this platform. 

  • Access to Magazines, Books, and Comics

Amazon Prime has a benefit for everybody. Bookworms, take note! A subscription to the Amazon Prime program makes you eligible to be a Prime Reading member at no additional cost. 

Prime reading features over a thousand best-selling titles in the electronic format, e-magazines, and Kindle Singles library content, including classic short essays and stories. Prime Reading membership allows the user to access or download up to ten titles on Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, and Kindle apps on Android/iOS.

The Prime Reading benefit is an addition over Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which lets Prime members who own Amazon devices borrow one e-book every month from a larger assortment of books and magazines.

Additionally, Amazon Prime members get early access to one editors’ pick e-book for free every month and two e-books in July because of Amazon Prime Day.

  • Unlimited Access to Quality Prime Music

Not only video content, but Amazon Music happens to come as a package deal for Prime users. Amazon Music refers to the streaming service, which comes along with the paid subscription. And no, you do not have to spend any extra charges to get the benefits.

The Prime members can browse, download, and listen to this platform’s huge music library. It has over two million songs and is forever growing. It also features thousands of amazing stations and even top playlists by eminent singers and music composers. And all these benefits come along without any advertisements.

Also, you do not require a constant internet connection for running the Music benefits. Why? That is because Prime Music offers you a decent facility for downloading the songs which remain in your personal library. And no matter where you are located, you can browse these and listen to them without going online. You get all these facilities with unlimited skips as well. Along with all these, you cannot forget the amazing Alexa waiting to take your orders to play your favourite songs at any time. 

  • Prime Pantry

It is almost impossible for the people to go outside during these tough pandemic times and get their essentials. Even during regular times, people do not get appropriate opportunities and time to get their essentials delivered to their doorstep without any complications. But such a thing is possible as Prime offers excellent pantry services along with the facilities.

Right from groceries to health drinks and skincare items, the pantry has it all for you. And if you aren’t a paid member, you would have to say a little extra for the doorstep delivery. But that isn’t the case for you as you get exclusive benefits of being a Prime user. Not only do you get these facilities in remote areas as well, but such subscriptions fetch you the best deals to save loads on your daily essentials.


To add to these Prime benefits, you get access to a 30-day trial period and this platform. Right from pantry benefits to delivery and discount deals, you can get such rewards even without directly becoming a Prime user.

So, the question comes down to whether the subscription is worth your consideration? Well, yes. If you need to

  • Get amazing delivery services, discounts, and entertainment
  • Exclusive music under the same roof
  • Use these benefits with multiple users without paying any extra charges

Are you a Primer user? Have you recently watched the exclusive and fantastic content that is available solely on this platform? Did you find these facts about Prime subscriptions appropriate and logical to sign up for the deal? Or do you have more suggestions to make to this content? In any case, why not share your precious views with the readers here?

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